Mandy French

Who Am I?  A wife, a mom, a sister, a friend, an animal lover, a book devourer, a photographer, a tender-hearted believer in the beauty around us all. 

What Do I Do? As a person, I try to be kind, positive, honest, authentic, open-minded, supportive, and bold in my quiet way.  As a photographer, I try to capture your children as you see them daily.  I want them to smile and make funny faces and be serious and wild and still and fidgety and grumpy and whiney and happy.  I want you to look at pictures I take of your children and see the child who crawls in your bed in the morning, who slams the doors when angry, who laughs so deeply in their belly that you can't help but laugh with them, who snarls at you, cries to you, comes to you, holds your hand, hugs you, looks up to you, walks away from you.  I want you to see your real, unaltered child.